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Changing Transactions in Travel Ecosystem with Blockchain

A Blockchain-based payment and settlement platform for the travel industry, transforming how companies in the travel ecosystem interact with each other and their customers.
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Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem

Further's disruption starts with Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem where any asset provider from small to large, Airline to Hotel or Tour Provider would be able to create their own assets, create their own modifiable services and publish them using their own smart contract and get real time payment throughout the system using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We will begin with tokenization of current assets from proprietary systems and for easy settlement and payment and continue with identity sharing and ultimately achieving a fully integrated set of systems with blockchain which will directly tokenize the assets without any midware.


Travel is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of 7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. But the process of customer booking is based on the rules that were set more than 40 years ago. Even with the arrival of e-commerce, the standards didn't change to reflect the needs of a digital-era consumer. This is why you are having a badly designed experience with not many options to suit your needs when you travel.



Hyperledger Fabric

Entreprise Blockchain that powers our own STR technology


Payment Blockchain that we have based our token Aton on


IBM Blockchain & Cloud Services
Services for our development environment

Digital Currency of the Network: Aton

Further Network's token, Aton, is based on Stellar. Further Network will issue a fixed amount of Stellar tokens as Atons when establishing the ecosystem. No more Atons will be generated in the future.

Aton acts as a settlement, payment and transaction currency.

Settlement Currency

Different types of travel companies will be able to perform their settlement process between each other in real time by using Further Network Platform.

Payment Currency

Involved parties (travel agencies, travel wholesale websites, airlines, etc.) are able to make payments between each other in the system. Also, an end can buy tickets or make reservations from all available product issuers (Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, etc.) in our network; using our wallet system.

Transaction Currency

Aton is the fuel for Further Network, just like Ether is in Ethereum. When a party creates any type of transaction on the network, whether it be issuing a ticket, changing a booking, making a settlement, they will have to pay a fee for the transaction cost of that process. Further Network will collect transaction fees in Aton.

Token Distribution

token distribution chart

Token Sale
In our token distribution model 60% of all tokens (4.2 Billion Atons) will be distributed in our ICO for the public to participate in the project.

Founders & Team
This portion is reserved for the founders and team members of the project.

Ecosystem Development
This portion will be used to build an ecosystem for travel industry and parties (Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Car Rentals, Airports, Ground Service Providers etc.)

This portion will be used to show our appreciation and gratitude towards our advisors for helping us build this ecosystem and platform.

Incentive Campaigns
This portion will be used for incentive campaigns like Bounty Program and Airdrops We want to thank our early supporters and make them feel as a part of our project.

Revenue Model

Further Network’s fee structure will reduce transaction costs especially for airlines in travel industry.

Our revenue structure is based on fixed transaction fees as opposed to the other airline solutions with transaction fees based on Global Distribution System (GDS) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) billing, settlement & payment (BSP).

Billing & Settlement

Fixed Fee per Transaction

Real Time Payment & Minimum Currency Exchange Loss

Reservation & Ticketing

Fixed Fee per Transaction

No additional distribution or clearance cost.

Ticket Changes

Fixed Fee per Transaction

No additional distribution or clearance cost

Peer to Peer Sales

%10 / Ticket Value*

(%7 of %10 be shared with Operator Airline)

Other Use-cases
other use-cases

Latest News


You can meet with Further Network team on these events around the world. If you would like to book a meeting, let us know.

IBM think 2019

Feb. 12-15, 2019

San Francisco

Aviation Festival Asia 2019

Feb. 27-28, 2019






Meet with your new enhanced ticket:
Smart Travel Record®

The ticket should be more than just a manifest of flight information. It must be customizable or even personalizable for traveler’s needs and preferences. With Further Network's unique technologies travelers will be able to change, sell, add options and customize their tickets. Moreover it will not be a simple ticket anymore but Smart Travel Record, a Further Network technology.


STR, Smart Travel Record; a smart token, unique Further technology consisting of necessary data for flight, hotel or any other reservation or any other travel product. STR will help solve the issues of settlement and payment using Aton, our digital currency. STR would also bring more structured data and automation to the operational usability for vendors to offer their travelers specific rule sets.


Kyle Wang


Joakim Everstin

Travel Tech Evangelist

Anuj R. Khanna


Maurizio Anichini

Airline Industry

Gaoussou Konate

Airline Industry

Zafer Sönmez


Sarp Demiray


Erol Lengerli

IT Audit

Prof. Dr. Güner Gürsoy

Corporate Governance

Tuna Çakırca

Legal & Law

Mete Varas


Airline Industry

Brenda Anichini


Kadir Özgür Oğuz

Co-Founder & CEO

Lecturer in Aviation Management

He began his career in Turkish Airlines in 2000, he is a Part Time lecturer in Aviation Management Department of Istanbul Commerce University for the last five years.

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As Managing Partner of Seven Gates Interactive Technologies he leads Software Product & Consultancy Services, Business Development & Sales departments and works as a Part Time lecturer in Aviation Management Department of Istanbul Commerce University for the last five years.

He began his career in the travel industry with Turkish Airlines in 2000 where he held variety of operational and management positions including Process Engineer, Project Leader Internal Auditor and Training Manager based in Istanbul. He was also member of IATA Load Control Work Group and Airline Messaging Work Group between 2008-2012.

He received his master’s degree in business administration at Maltepe University and his first bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Marmara University and second bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Anadolu University.

Erdem Üney

Co-Founder & CTO

During his work life he has worked in different sectors from event/concert organisations to developing web applications & sites and starting an online music magazine.

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As Managing Partner of Seven Gates Interactive Technologies he is the head of all development and IT. He currently leads the technical and functional teams of the projects. He also leads and contributes the R&D efforts of Seven Gates.

He began working at the age of 15. During his work life he has worked in different sectors from event/concert organisations to developing web applications & sites and starting an online music magazine. Completed his B.Sc. in Meteorological Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 2005. Completed M.Sc. in Computational Science and Engineering at the same university in 2010. Founded an import export trading company at 2008 and exited at 2011.

Co-Founded Seven Gates at 2012, in order to pursue his dreams of technology development. He is also a member in Turkish Informatics Foundation.

Gökhan Koç

Co-Founder & CIO

Award Winner 17 years experience as a Leading developer, software development manager and entrepreneur.

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Cem Ersözlü

Co-Founder & CCO

15+ years of experience in UI/UX design and creative works spanning from Tokyo to Istanbul

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Eser Sevim

Co-Founder & Business Dev. Manager

He has an experience in Trading Platforms, Financial & Investment Training, Business Development, Payment Kiosks and Digital Marketing.

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Alper Türktaş


Digital Marketing Strategist with more than 15 years of experience in online communications and new media technologies.

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Gökhan İşci

Airline Analyst

He began his career in the travel industry with Turkish Airlines in 2008.

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Mehmet Duran

Lead Backend Developer

Mehmet Duran is a software consultant who worked on many award winning projects including Nike, Bing Maps and GOV.UK, with a wide area of expertise on developing software and products for finance, government and technology startups.

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Çağdaş Tatlıcı

Research Team Lead

Çağdaş is a developer, manager and entrepreneur with experience in finance, e-commerce and marketplaces.

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Armağan Can Ercan

Community Manager

Armagan is a Social Media & Community Manager with a 6 years of professional experience.

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