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Digital Token of the Network: Aton

A Further technology, your travel token.

STR contains the real value of the ticket in a predefined Token, however, it does not solve two big problems; the currency of the written value against the local currency's exchange and balancing the settlement. That is why we introduce the network's own Token, Aton (ATON). An STR will hold the value of both the local or desired currency, and in Aton. When a smart contract is used with Aton, this will allow the smart contract to be run properly and complete the required payments simultaneously and according to the rules.

Aton, is based on Stellar. Further Network will issue a fixed amount of Stellar tokens as Atons when establishing the ecosystem. No more Atons will be generated in the future.

Settlement Token

Different types of travel companies will be able to perform their settlement process between each other in real time by using Further Network Platform.

Payment Token

Involved parties (travel agencies, travel wholesale websites, airlines, etc.) are able to make payments between each other in the system. Also, an end can buy tickets or make reservations from all available product issuers (Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, etc.) in our network; using our wallet system.

Transaction Token

Aton is the fuel for Further Network, just like Ether is in Ethereum. When a party creates any type of transaction on the network, whether it be issuing a ticket, changing a booking, making a settlement, they will have to pay a fee for the transaction cost of that process. Further Network will collect transaction fees in Aton.