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Meet with your new enhanced ticket:
Smart Travel RecordĀ®
the only itinerary you will ever need.


Smart Travel Record (STR), which is a smart token holding key data about your travel. Conventionally flight ticket or hotel reservation is not just data, it is a contract with terms and conditions.

Let's take a look at an airline ticket more closely where flight data and tickets are more structured compared to other kinds of tickets. The flight ticket has standard data consisting of the travel details, passenger information and also a value of the ticket. If you put a travel agency into this equation, this is a multisignature contract with lots of unseen mechanisms in place. We can transform this conventional ticket to Smart Travel Record (STR) for airline tickets using blockchain technologies.

No two tickets are alike,
because no two travel is alike

The ticket should be more than just a manifest of flight information. It must be customizable or even personalizable for traveler's needs and preferences. With Further Network's unique technologies travelers will be able to change, sell, add options and customize their tickets. Moreover it will not be a simple ticket anymore but Smart Travel Record, a Further Network technology.

STR, Smart Travel Record; a smart token, unique Further technology consisting of necessary data for flight, hotel or any other reservation or any other travel product. STR will help solve the issues of settlement and payment using Aton, our digital currency. STR would also bring more structured data and automation to the operational usability for vendors to offer their travelers specific rule sets.