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Real-time settlement between all interacting parties and cost reduction.

Blockchain, by its nature, offers a basic and fundamental solution. It is the immutable history of the transactions and, thus, expressing the final ownership of the asset. An asset can be money, a license, or a ticket. Its elegant design in keeping a secure, distributed chain of information would help real business scenarios.


Travel is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of 7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. But the process of customer booking is based on the rules that were set more than 40 years ago. Even with the arrival of e-commerce, the standards didn't change to reflect the needs of a digital-era consumer. This is why you are having a badly designed experience with not many options to suit your needs when you travel.


Our Blockchain-based technology enables a faster and customizable ticketing and travel experience. We aim to help Airlines, Agencies, Hotel Wholesalers and travel product issuers alike to solve the Billing, Settlement, and Payment issues while removing the middle-man and completing BSP in real time.


Hyperledger Fabric

Entreprise Blockchain that powers our own STR technology


Payment Blockchain that we have based our token Aton on


IBM Blockchain & Cloud Services
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